CSR @logos

logos supports solidarity actions against COVID-19

Our team is working from home to stay safe and help “flatten the curve” of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of us are also finding the time to provide support to the weakest members of their communities in Brussels.

You want to join the effort, but don’t know how?

No worries, we have compiled various ways in which you can help those who are hit the hardest by the current circumstances, namely the homeless, the elderly and the disabled. There are several platforms that can help you connect with local initiatives or start your own project. You can also make donations to charities or hospitals.

In times, showing solidarity brings great reward. So have a look at our poster, share it online or spread the word. As always, follow the basic hygiene requirements to keep everyone safe against the virus.

You would like us to promote your project?
Send us an email brussels@logos-pa.com with the details. Thanks!


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