Clients trust us to steer alliances, activate communities, and engage with policymakers. We excel at making the fitting connections and providing timely, compelling evidence for innovation-friendly public policy. We also provide the strategic insight and communication tools our clients need to make themselves heard in Brussels and beyond.

government relations, public affairs and communication campaigns

In today’s competitive environment, public debates are often exposed to a flood of data and news. Cutting through the noise requires informed public relation strategies. logos specialises in delivering advocacy solutions, ranging from systematically building relationships to mounting ad-hoc campaigns focusing on single issues. The solutions we provide draw on our creativity, savvy policy analysis and communication expertise to ensure that our clients’ views shape the debate.

industry associations, innovation alliances and public-private partnerships

Trade associations and new industry coalitions face a dual challenge: to build common ground between industrial players while also shaping governments’ and stakeholders’ policies. They need to develop global strategies in an increasingly multipolar world. logos has a wealth of experience in working with companies to build coalitions and create global public engagement strategies that foster growth.

industry and policy events, stakeholder management and consensus building

logos‘ integration into MCI Group in 2012 enabled it to team up with event and digital specialists who help our clients build brand reputation and activate communities. logos creates programmes and implements multi-stakeholder strategies to turn events into platforms that sustain policy innovation.

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