Societal shifts such as digitisation, decarbonisation and the sharing economy lead all industries to converge and seek partnerships beyond their traditional realm. They generate new policy challenges to governments the world over. Our forte is to navigate through complex policy-making and regulatory processes. We are on hand to guide your involvement in them.

transport sector
transport & mobility

Digitalisation and alternative fuels are the drivers of change in transport and mobility. A world of safer, cleaner and more efficient transport is just happening. Mobility economics are shifting and together with them policies and regulations to accelerate the transition.

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environment, energy & chemicals

As current trends in energy production prove unsustainable for the environment, energy security, and economic development, innovation remains imperative. This is also true for the chemical industries. Restructuring product portfolios and exploiting digital technologies is key for them to bring solutions for the current climate challenges.

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logos sectors - space and aviation
defence, space & aviation

Access to space is becoming cheaper and broader by the day. Public policy around the globe is rapidly adjusting to these realities and increasingly stimulating more competition, thus driving innovation in sectors ranging from agriculture to artificial intelligence.

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technology & converging industries

Industry convergence represents an unprecedented disruption for many traditionnal businesses. Agile industry coalitions are both creating new market opportunities and are driving regulatory and policy change.

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Doctor looking at Xray

Healthcare organizations are increasingly unleashing the power of intelligent technologies, to deliver personalized, efficient and informed care. This unveils the need for new policies, regulations and standards.

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agriculture & food

Agriculture and the worldwide food system are challenged to feed an estimated global population of 9.7 billion people by 2050 with diminishing land and water resources. Innovation to increase food production efficiency and reduce food waste while increasing diet quality is needed more than ever to resolve this double equation.

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