Copernicus industry Workshop

virtual workshop

On behalf of the European Commission, logos organises a virtual workshop on “Copernicus and the Common Agricultural Policy”

On 9-10 March, logos organised and coordinated the European Commission’s Copernicus industry virtual workshop on “Copernicus and the Common Agricultural Policy”.  The workshop took place in the context of the European Green Deal and the support to related policies, including the “Farm to Fork” and “Biodiversity” strategies.

Implementing a specific contact for the European Commission’s DG for Defence Industry and Space, logos managed the project and all related communication activities, from pre-event organisation and creation of the visual identity to the management of registrants. With an effective promotional campaign, logos successfully gathered 640 participants from over 65 countries, including industry stakeholders, the scientific community and experts, as well as policymakers.

Along with MCI Brussels, logos sourced and managed the logistics and preparation of the setup of the virtual platform. The speakers and participants could count on logos – MCI Brussels for any technical support and assistance during the event.

Copernicus industry Workshop agenda day 1

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