space & aviation

logos unveils new practice on space and aviation

Logos is proud to announce the launch of a new practice dedicated to space and aviation policies.

For the past decades, space conquest has fueled many exciting technological breakthroughs. Up until recently, only a handful of governments and public companies could enjoy the massive benefits that space can provide. Today, however, these times have elapsed.

Access to space is becoming cheaper and broader by the day. Public policy around the globe is rapidly adjusting to these realities and increasingly stimulating more competition, thus driving innovation in sectors ranging from agriculture to artificial intelligence.

Against this backdrop, logos has decided to combine its successful track record in aerospace and aviation into a new practice on “space and aviation”. It is proud to help its clients to navigate through such a complex policy and technological landscape. Logos offers a compelling combination of technical expertise, coalition building, and engagement tactics through tailored communication and event strategies.

Tomas Dimitrov will take the lead of this new practice. Clients rely on his experience, expertise and energy to navigate the extremely dynamic trends shaping the space and aviation sectors.


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