Cracking the code: logos trains comms professionals at Euractiv’s Yellow Academy

logos’ Communication Manager Edward McCafferty was recently invited to Euractiv’s Yellow Academy to deliver a workshop empowering communications professionals to stand out in Brussels’ complex and overcrowded media landscape.

Euractiv, a leading media network specialising in EU affairs, created its Yellow Academy to equip professionals with he knowledge and skills needed to navigate the intricacies of EU advocacy and communication. logos’ session, titled ‘Writing Compelling Content for EU Bubble Audiences,’ took place on the morning of 22nd March 2024, at Euractiv’s Brussels headquarters to a group of around 30 invited participants.

The training focused on providing participants with the tools to craft messages that resonate within the unique ecosystem of the European Union. Edward, well-experienced in translating complex technical content into clear and engaging narratives for logos’ sustainability and energy clients, began by introducing the ‘NICE’ method. This framework emphasises the importance of newsworthy content that carries clear impact, provides relevant context, and evokes emotion from the audience.

Following the presentation, an interactive group exercise took place. Participants brought their own work to the table, where they received constructive feedback and exchanged best practices in a collaborative environment. This exercise proved particularly valuable, allowing participants to grapple with real-world communication challenges.

“This was a wonderful opportunity to learn and develop our writing skills”, said Adrian Lincoln, Healthcare Communications Coordinator at EuropaBio. Laura Sánchez from FuelEurope highlighted this as a “great occasion to remember that how we tell stories matters.”

logos’ recurrent participation in the Yellow Academy exemplifies the company’s commitment to fostering knowledge-sharing within the advocacy and strategic communications industry.

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