EU funding

logos & MCI Benelux kick off promising Sherlock H2020 project

MCI Benelux and Logos are pleased to announce that the European Commission’s H2020 programme had agreed to financially support SHERLOCK. It seeks to develop new applications for human robot collaboration in the production of elevators, industrial modules, aeronautics and machine tools. The project, which will run for a period of 3 years, gather among others Comau Spa (Italy), VDL Industrial Modules (Netherlands), United Technologies Research Centre (Ireland), Intrasoft International SA (Luxembourg) and Fraunhofer Gesellschaft Zur Foerderung (Germany).

Human robot collaboration now addresses the need for flexible production, but some limitations remain. It does not cover all applications and it is still very complex. SHERLOCK aims to introduce the latest safe robotic technologies in production environments, enhancing them with smart mechatronics and AI-based cognition, creating efficient HRC stations that are designed to be safe and guarantee the acceptance and well-being of operators.

MCI Benelux and logos will act as consortium partners in charge of dissemination and exploitation. The project will also seek to contribute to the debate on future EU regulations and standards related to human robot collaboration.


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