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Cycle Industries Europe: Planning for the future of cycling

It’s happening: the cycling industries of Europe will have a new voice! logos has been collaborating with the European Cyclists’ Federation to set up a new association that will enable the cycle-related business to have its voice heard in the EU decision-making process.

The new association, alongside with ECF, will advocate to advance cycling mobility in Europe, highlighting the multiple benefits of cycling for communities. As Christophe Najdovski, ECF President and Deputy Mayor of Paris for Transportation, Mobility, Roadway & Public Space, said during the launch event: “The EU Cycling sector needs strong advocacy from the industry and civil society, let’s have a common agenda for a better cycling”. A very good news for a growing sector-boosted by the emergence of new trends such as the sharing economy and electrification of transport, as well as the urgent need to address city congestion and pollution- Cycling is here to stay, and it’s reshaping our urban life-style in a greener and healthier way.

In order to represent with one single voice the whole cycling’s business sector in Europe, CIE’s Membership is open to companies from all cycling-related sectors, including bikes and parts manufacturers, distribution, wholesale and retail companies, services, and bicycle logistics. As the appointed President of CIE, Tony Grimaldi declared: “Cycling is the future dimension of mobility and Cycling Industries should step up”.

Stay tuned, you will hear more about Cycling Industries Europe in the following months…


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