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logos and MCI join forces at the European Space Week 2019

logos and MCI Brussels have joined forces once again around the organisation of the EU Space Week 2019 from 3-5 December in Helsinki. In the European space sector, the Space Week is the leading policy event that brings together 800+ representatives from all streams of the EU space community: corporations, regulators and international research institutions. Highlights include the plenary sessions, the General Assembly, the Copernicus Accelerator and the Space Oscars:

  • The Copernicus Accelerator is a 12-month programme for start-ups. It provides an inspiring and inclusive setting for leading industry mentors to challenge and help space entrepreneurs to take their ideas to the next level. The Copernicus Accelerator was the first event of the week.
  • Our space & aviation practice team built the programme, visual identity and coordinated the logistics of the General Assembly of the Copernicus networks. The assembly gathered approximately 200 attendees from SMEs, data processing companies and cloud providers, universities, public institutions, space agencies and space enthusiasts.
  • The Space Oscars is an award ceremony for the winners of the Copernicus Masters, composed of 7 challenges – each of which has a winner. You will find the list of prizes and winners here.

As regards media relations, we identified and invited 15 journalists from ten EU member states whom we accompanied onsite. We also facilitated a dozen media interviews and provided journalists with relevant audiovisual footage. Monitoring the results in this field is something we did right after the event.

Do you follow Copernicus on social media? If you do, you will notice that we also covered the whole Space Week on its social media channels Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, including live-tweeting from key sessions and moderating the live Twitter wall.

We are looking forward to the 2020 edition.

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