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Facilitating an expert workshop on micromobility in Paris

On 15 October, our Paris-based team organised and facilitated SAE International’s workshop on ‘Shared and micromobility: What’s Beyond the Hype?‘ in partnership with Autonomy, Europe’s leading annual conference on urban mobility.

The event gathered European and North American urban mobility specialists from across the spectrum of stakeholders, including perspectives from policymakers, governments, cities, standardization bodies, and academia. The raison d ‘être? To address how we can ensure safe and efficient mobility while simultaneously fostering innovation against the backdrop of the sudden emergence of micromobility.The speaker highlights included Philippe Crist, OECD International Transport Forum, Horace Dediu, Micromobility Industries, Dr. Karen Vancluysen, Polis Network, Jehan de The, MaaS Alliance and EuropCar, alongside service providers Bird and JUMP.

From event logistics to panel formation and speaker profiling and preparation, logos organised and facilitated the event. For more information, check out the event website here.

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