Exchanging 5G best practice in The Hague

On 28-29 May, logos took part in the GSMA Security for 5G event in The Hague. The conference focused on security for 5G and gathered for two days the 5G cybersecurity ecosystem, consisting of telecom operators, infrastructure providers, European and national regulators, to foster the debate and facilitate best-practice exchange.

As 5G is about to radically change the digital services sector, it also promises to create a next-generation threat landscape, that still needs to be grasped by the mobile industry and policy-makers. The event underlined how active dialogue and collaboration among stakeholders are key to ensure the safety of EU 5G networks in the future.

In that regard, cybersecurity will certainly be at the top of the next Commission’s agenda. logos’ digital team has the latest to help stakeholders engage with regulators and participate in decision making. Get in touch!


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