It’s high time to know the political coordinators in the European Parliament.

As representatives of the political groups in the standing committees, they hold a pivotal role in its political decision-making process. They coordinate their group’s viewpoint on policy issues, and together with the chair and the vice-chairs, they organise the work in the committee.  They also hold the balance on votes on key legislation.


In January 2020, the withdrawal of the United Kingdom reshuffled the power dynamics in the European Parliament. Brexit triggered the departure of 73 recently-elected MEPs and one Committee Chairman, Chris Davies (RE). 27 of these 73 seats have been re-allocated to 14 under-represented Member States. France and Spain have gained five seats each, while Italy and the Netherlands have secured three additional ones. Ireland has received two extra seats. Nine member states have each attained one more seat: Austria, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Sweden.


Building on the national results to the May 2019 European elections, the political composition of the European Parliament has shifted. The relative size of the EPP, ID, ECR and GUE/NGL groups has slightly increased. The S&D and Renew Europe political groups have maintained their former share of Members of Parliament. The post-Brexit reallocation has also translated in significant swings in the composition of standing committees.


Now, a pandemic of unprecedented proportions is upending the political agenda of the new European leadership. The European Commission is reviewing its 2020 work programme in light of the coronavirus crisis. Although climate policies remain broadly on track, other initiatives under the European Green Deal are being delayed because they are considered “less essential”. Will the Green Deal survive the looming economic crisis? How significant will the recovery package be?

Please find, below, an organisational chart of the chair, vice-chair and political coordinators of the Parliament’s standing committees grouped per top priorities of the European policy agenda. Here is the full package.

Digital Age – The Coordinators | DOWNLOAD

Promoting our European Way of Life – The Coordinators | DOWNLOAD

Green Deal – The Coordinators | DOWNLOAD

People-Centered Economy – The Coordinators | DOWNLOAD


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