strengthening the voice of the european poultry industry

In the Autumn of 2019, logos helped AVEC, the voice of the European poultry meat sector, to develop a new communication and advocacy roadmap vis-à-vis the European and national policymakers. Our final report included strategic, operational and editorial recommendations.


Poultry is the first most widely consumed meat in the world and is enjoyed by many as part of a balanced diet. European poultry breeders have built an impressive track record in terms of animal welfare and food safety compared to their competitors in the rest of the world.  Unfortunately, negative campaigns focusing on particular cases have overshadowed these efforts, which have been overlooked by regulators. The sector’s advocacy efforts were no longer wielding the expected results. In this context, the board of AVEC hired logos to review its advocacy and communication strategy and make recommendations on its overall engagement with policymakers and public at large.


logos proposed a solution in three steps.

At first, logos gathered insights through desk research. It also conducted 20 structured interviews with representatives from the AVEC secretariat, its membership and a selection of EU policymakers and media. The aim was to gauge the poultry meat sector’s perception gaps and communication challenges.

Second, following the completion of the preliminary report, logos facilitated a two-day strategic workshop with members of the AVEC board. First, workshop participants validated the needs identified by logos consultants. Then, they brainstormed actions to address each of the shortfalls identified in the interviews.

More specifically, it included a set of solutions that would improve the internal governance of AVEC and its external outreach. For example, logos listed a bunch of ways AVEC could improve the way it engages with the European Parliament, AVEC members or the general public via media outreach. It also identified suitable communication assets (e.g. videos, infographics, flyers) to support AVEC’s communication activities. We discussed the pros and cons of each solution with workshop participants.

The brainstorming also generated new ideas that were taken on board throughout the workshop. In the end, logos managed the creative process leading to the adoption of AVEC messages, in line with AVEC’s four areas of work (quality & safety, EU poultry sector & trade, animal health & welfare, and sustainability). For example, logos helped set a clear call to action for the primary AVEC target audiences (e.g. European institutions, national authorities, consumers and industry players).

Third, within ten business days, logos compiled a final 15-page report which included a clear roadmap detailing the steps to be taken over the next 18 months (2019-20).


The AVEC Board approved and heeded the final report. AVEC eventually adapted its messaging and engagement activities. Today, AVEC enjoys a trustworthy relationship with European and national regulators, and the image of the EU poultry meat sector is improving.


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