strengthening the positioning and voice of the cycling industries in Brussels


The European Union is championing the transition to clean mobility. Meanwhile, the big players in transport (automotive, rail, aviation & public transport) were mainly driving the change. There was little consideration for softer means of transportation such as cycling, for example. The cycling industries in Europe were lacking a strong voice in Brussels. Logos was contacted by the designated Director-General to support the launch of the new association

Working with logos was invaluable in the smooth start-up of CIE. They smoothed the legal, governance and administrative path for us so we could concentrate on engaging our members and other stakeholders across the world. We just could not have got through those early steps without their guidance and experience about how to set up an international trade association in Belgium.

Kevin Mayne, founding CEO, Cycling Industries Europe

logos directors worked closely with the founding members for about 3 months to design the governance of the new associations. Building on established consensus-building techniques, logos helped the new leadership to come quickly to an agreement. Leading this project by consensus, the new association rapidly gathered a large number of sector players, ensuring both financial resources and representativeness.

logos also secured the legal advice that would turn the shared vision of the 25 founding members into articles of association of international non-profit (AISBL). It also helped the trade industry association to abide by Belgian law and European regulation (GDPR, antitrust).

Thanks to the expert advice of logos and its support, CIE leaders were pleased to be able to focus their attention to their most essential mission: enhancing the voice of the bike manufacturers in Brussels.


In less than six months, CIE became an established and recognised stakeholder on the Brussels scene. It has rapidly gained the confidence of EU institutions. Today it works in partnership with other stakeholders such as civil society, different business sectors and global partners to promote the inclusion of biking into EU clean mobility policies.


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