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CEMEX is a world leader in the building materials industry. To serve its customers while creating value for its stakeholders, CEMEX aims at becoming the most efficient and innovative company. As a steward of the world’s biodiversity and a stakeholder of a more sustainable economy, CEMEX has been engaging with European institutions for over 10 years.


In 2017, CEMEX operations was concerned about the last-minute introduction of an amendment on the revision process for phase IV of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS). It would have had significant repercussions for its business and the sector as a whole. logos was selected as the agency that supports the outreach efforts of CEMEX in Brussels.


Back then, to supplement our regular engagement process, logos proposed to design and roll out an urgent ad hoc advocacy and awareness-raising campaign to lobby both the European Parliament and then explain the negative impacts to the stakeholders supporting the amendment.

The campaign organised by logos entailed one-on-one meetings with legislators from the environment committee to present the facts about how their decisions would impact our client’s business.

logos supported CEMEX in developing its arguments and presenting its case in a clear and compelling way. We did the research showing that the suggested amendment bore no relation to the aims of the original draft, and explaining how applying an untested regime would create legal uncertainty. Last but not least, we also demonstrated how the local economy benefits from the company operations in terms of jobs and fiscal revenue but also the preservation of biodiversity.


As a direct result of our outreach campaign, our client managed to win over a sufficient number of MEPs to our camp to see the amendment voted out by the plenary.


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