positioning a copper-based technology as a green solution for competitiveness

The European Copper Institute (ECI) is a well-established European association promoting copper as an enabler of a low-carbon economy. ECI was seeking to widen the use of Electromagnetic Processing of Materials (EPM) as part of the European Union’s decarbonisation plan for the industry.

The technology helps cut carbon emissions in thermal processes by reducing energy consumption (costs). As such, EPM can help European industry meet its energy and climate targets while boosting competitiveness. In a nutshell, EPM is a win-win solution that combines both the environment with growth and jobs.


While a promising from an international competition perspective, the uptake of the technology remained low. Manufacturers were not exploiting EPM due to its high upfront costs. In the eyes of European policymakers, the technology was off the radars and thus not receiving any political or financial support.

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Hans De Keulenaer, International Copper Association, Director - Energy & Climate

logos conducted a strategic audit to understand how of EPM, a highly technical issue, was perceived by European policymakers. logos then proposed a strategy to bridge the identified gaps. To this end, we mapped out potential industry allies. We also set up face-to-face interviews and technical briefings to fill the knowledge gaps.

Eventually, logos designed and implemented a multi-dimensional communication and advocacy strategy that promoted the relevance of EPM for:

  • reducing GHG emissions,
  • fostering the use of renewables, and
  • boosting energy efficiency.

logos also touted the merits of the technology in terms of its international competitive edge, which can be translated into enhanced business growth and job creation. Policymakers are sensitive to how public funding can help enhance the prosperity of European citizens.


Our efforts resulted filled the visibility gaps of the EPM technology among Brussels-based policymakers. They also helped put the ECI association on the political map of many decision-makers as a trusted partner.

In a nutshell, this case study shows how logos revealed the policy relevance of a complex technology through better messaging and advocacy engagement.


technical advocacy, 360° audit, stakeholder management, social media campaign, branding and asset development

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