Case study logos – Copernicus Emergency Management Service (CEMS)


maximise visibility and boost user uptake on social media

Copernicus is the European Union’s Earth observation programme, looking at planet Earth and its environment to benefit European and global citizens. It is composed of six different services, among which the Copernicus Emergency Management Service (CEMS). Copernicus EMS uses satellite imagery and other geospatial data to provide free of charge mapping service in cases of natural disasters, human-made emergency situations and humanitarian crises in Europe and around the world.

logos supported Copernicus EMS in the animation of its only social media platform, Twitter. From strategy to implementation, logos maximized the visibility of the component and boosted the user uptake by informing on emergency situations on due time. Our team helped reach European decision-makers, government representatives, regional and local authorities, the scientific community in Earth Observation and beyond, Copernicus users as well as the media.


Communicating on behalf of an emergency service is no easy task. The service could be activated at any time by authorized entities around the world, whether the catastrophe related to floods, wildfires or another type of disaster. While in direct contact with the European Commission, our team was both proactive and reactive, tweeting time-sensitive and exact information to highlight the availability of new maps created by Copernicus EMS – which would then help authorities on-site and keep its wider community in the loop.

Another challenge was to make technical information more accessible without altering its veracity. The ambition was to make Copernicus EMS’ activities more understandable to all, increase the visibility of the service, expand its niche communities and boost its user uptake.


logos tapped into its expertise in communication and digital media to meet the service’s needs, working closely in collaboration with the European Commission.

Our communication team first developed a comprehensive social media plan, including a fully-fledged Twitter strategy and guidance on synchronization and integration with the Copernicus programme communications. We developed an impactful messaging according to the different audiences of the service, reflected in the visual assets made by our creative team.

logos then assured the daily management of the Twitter account of Copernicus EMS, implementing the strategy. To make sure to offer a deep dive into the content, our social media experts developed a social media editorial calendar divided into streams in order to grant regular visibility to the work of internal Copernicus EMS components – thus raising the digital profile of the service as a whole.

In addition, logos insured smooth coordination with the European Commission as well as the Copernicus EMS teams to make sure all communications needs were addressed.


Over 2020-2021, Copernicus EMS greatly increased its visibility as well as one of its activities. This helped acknowledge the Copernicus component as the go-to, reference service providing the freshest information available on disasters over the world – maps and products immediately shared on social media.

Some milestones of our collaboration with the European Commission on Copernicus EMS include:

  • 3,500 new niche followers
  • +3 million impressions
  • 13,400 interactions with the audience

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