designing the content & audience strategy of the IRU World Congress 2018

IRU is the International Road Transport Union, a global industry association for the road transport sector.


The IRU organises every second year its signature World Congress, a global event for road transport, mobility and logistics. In 2017, IRU wanted something different that would assert better the organisation’s thought-leadership and brokering power across industry and policy. IRU thus approached MCI Brussels and logos to reset its congress with a renewed approach and concept.

The aim was to reassert IRU’s global thought-leadership on smart and green mobility issues. Another important emphasis was to showcase the importance of a good collaboration between public authorities and industry players.

Congratulations to the logos team for providing the richest programme ever showcased by our organisation.

Umberto de Pretto, IRU Secretary-General

While MCI Brussels took over all the logistical aspects with its signature magic, logos supported IRU in developing a compelling two-day programme exploring the challenges and trends shaping the future of mobility. To reach success, logos built on its long-standing experience of industry events and its expertise in road transport issues to shape both the content and the format of the event.

In close consultation with IRU thematic and sectoral experts, logos consultants selected the topics to be discussed to ensure the broadest possible participation. Logos also helped identify the most relevant speakers while ensuring a good mix of profiles and a fair geographic balance. logos ensured the appropriate follow-up to secure the participation of industry influencers, changemakers, futurists, regulators and policymakers.

logos also suggested various session formats that would enable interaction and engagement from both audience and speakers. In the end, the programme struck a good balance between conferences with high-profile luminaries and more focused workshops with trusted industry experts or experienced CEOs. We also earmarked enough time in the programme for networking and face-to-face meetings.

In a nutshell, the IRU World Congress brought together leading voices from road transport manufacturers and service providers alongside international organisations, professional associations and transport ministers from across Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.


The largest event ever held in Oman. The first edition of the IRU World Congress in a decade.

  • 1,200+ participants from 80+ countries
  • 80+ speakers representative leading public authorities, international organisations and the private sector from Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia
  • Luminaries included Former European Commission President José-Manuel Barroso, CNN anchor John Defterios, IRU President Christian Labrot, Futurist and innovation expert Jim Caroll
  • High-level dialogue between industry leaders and 30 ministerial delegations
  • Media partnership with CNN. Omani national television served as host broadcaster
  • Omani Royal family attended the Opening Ceremony

More detailed information is available here.


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