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A leading association was set-up in 2016 as a cross-industry technology platform to foster the go-to-market strategy of automated driving. Today, it brings together more than 130 companies from the automotive, technology, and telecommunications industries (ICT). This global cross-industry coalition is developing end-to-end solutions that will shape future mobility and autonomous driving. The association is 100% managed by MCI and logos.


Shortly after the incorporation of the association, its founding members – eight leading global carmakers and ICT companies  – called upon MCI and logos to provide an integrated approach to grow the association and establish it as the industry’s leading voice around connected mobility issues.

The main purpose of the leading association was to accelerate the go-to-market strategy of automated driving by addressing technical regulation concerns (e.g. industry specifications and standards) and building a credible positioning of the new converging industry (namely through thought leadership in industry events, communication profiling in the media and prospective clients).

The global association thus had to build consensus between competitors across industries (carmakers and telecommunications) around complex technical specifications. The challenge was to quickly gain the recognition the association needed on a technical level before the industry and a political level before public authorities.


To develop and deliver on the vision of the association founding members, MCI and logos deployed a global team of experts, coordinated jointly by the Brussels and Berlin offices.

Working against the clock, logos with MCI delivered upon the agreed milestones in record time. In just two months, logos worked closely with the board of directors to develop the association’s organisational structure, financial procedures and day-to-day processes. Within a year, logos had secured 80+ new members to expand the breadth and representativeness of this leading industry association.

That was an essential preliminary step to then effectively serve the association members. To advance the technical agenda of the association, logos supported the creation of five working groups. Each one had a dedicated focus, such as developing frameworks, solving practical aspects, identifying required specifications, and building the business cases for 5G and the future application of connected mobility solutions. Later on, two more groups were created.

To implement its global and regional political agenda, the leading association could rely on logos expertise in advocacy and communication. Jointly, they co-developed a multi-dimensional communication and advocacy strategy. From 2017 to 2019, logos designed and implemented very successful advocacy and communication campaign.

Today, logos steers the association’s technical leadership by managing its seven working groups and task forces. It also drives a multi-dimensional communication strategy built around four global conferences on three different continents.

  • 15 branded events: live demonstrations, workshops and press conferences
  • USD 4M in revenues
  • 130 member companies
  • 7 working groups facilitating the collaboration of 250+ technical experts
  • 80+ technical and standards publications
  • 5 partnerships with leading regional & global industry organisations

association management, advocacy & intelligence, communication, digital engagement, media relations, industry & policy events

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