case studies

CEMEX Environment, Energy & Chemicals
Protecting our client’s business and sector

Logos assisted Cemex, from the energy-intensive industry, in its fight to remove a last-minute insertion of an amendment by a group of Members of the European Parliament on a draft bill, which would have had significant repercussions for its business and its sector as a whole. This support included the roll-out of an ad hoc advocacy and awareness campaign to lobby the European Parliament in the framework of the European Union Emissions Trading system review. These efforts contributed to the removal of the amendment in the final plenary text.

Delivering a key element to the success, Logos organized and ad hoc advocacy and awareness campaign with one-on-one meetings with legislators to explain the issues at hand in a fact-based way about the impact of their decisions our client’s business, how the suggested measure bore no relation to the aims of the draft file and how applying an untested regime would create a legal uncertainty.

We also demonstrated the economic and consumer benefits to the countries where the company operates and contributed a major element to the project’s success by coordinating tasks with the members of the industry association and building alliances with other affected industry areas – although we did not see eye-to-eye on numerous other policy issues.

As a direct result of our outreach programme, our client managed to garner the support of sufficient MEPs who shifted to our camp and voted the amendment out during plenary.