case study

logos assisted one of its clients from the building materials industry, in its fight to prevent the last-minute insertion of an amendment by a group of Members of the European Parliament on a draft bill that would have had significant repercussions for its business and the sector as a whole. This assistance included rolling out an ad-hoc advocacy and awareness campaign to lobby the European Parliament in the context of the EU Emissions Trading System review. These efforts helped to ensure the removal of the amendment from the final text.

A key element in this success, the campaign organised by logos entailed one-on-one meetings with legislators to present the facts about how their decisions would impact our client’s business, how the suggested amendment bore no relation to the aims of the original draft, and how applying an untested regime would create legal uncertainty.

The campaign also demonstrated how the economy and consumers would benefit in the countries where the company operates. Other major elements in the ‘campaign’s success were our coordination of tasks with members of the relevant industry association and our building of alliances with other affected industrial sectors, despite not seeing eye to eye on a range of other policy issues

As a direct result of our outreach program, our client managed to win over a sufficient number of MEPs to our camp to see the amendment voted out by the plenary.


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