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The members of the non-profit All-Terrain Vehicles Industry European Association (ATVEA) represent around 60% of the EU market.

logos has fully managed ATVEA since the association’ establishment in 2003 providing its General Secretariat and co-ordinating its daily operations, including the work of its Technical Committee and Education and Communication Committee. logos adds value primarily by providing legislative support.

logos demonstrated a unique capacity to deliver results for our type approval issue. They scored even if our needs and requests evolved at the end of the regulatory process.

Herry Kleyn van Willigen, former President of ATVEA

Where individual manufacturers alone cannot devote sufficient resources to  issues of prime concern to ATVEA’s members, logos centralises their efforts. In addition, through the General Secretariat, ATVEA strives to build connections with national associations and other regional industry associations.

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